This was worst experience of my life. Dr. John's is incredibly rude. I had a traumatic accident that caused damage to my mouth and teeth. This happened on a Saturday evening, no offices were open. I happen to find this place online. I didn't know how extensive the damage was because it wasn't visible. I thought my only problem was a chipped tooth. My adrenaline was still running so I didn't feel any pain. After sitting in his waiting room for over an hour, I started really hurting. When I went to see the doctor, I told him my tooth was hurting. He got mad and said I wasn't honest because I didn't tell him about my tooth. I didn't know there was a problem with my tooth! I was supposed to diagnose myself?? He said he was just going to put a splint in because, "Everyone wants to go home". I couldn't believe how mean and callous he was. I was in excruciating pain and he could not have cared less. The office workers had to tell him repeatedly to get me something for the pain because I was crying from the pain and how he was treating me. After he put the split in, he gave me a mirror and I shocked at how the splint looked. I had no idea what a splint even was because he didn't explain anything. He would get mad every time I asked him a question, so I stopped asking. As he walking out of the room after putting in the splint, he heard my reaction and said, "Focus on what's important MA'AM!!!!". So I can't even react to this thing in my mouth now? He didn't even stay to answer any questions. He just walked out. He told the girl at the front desk that he wanted to see me in two weeks. I vowed to never step foot in that place again. I went and found a dentist that I had been to before that is closer to where I lived and I now go to her. She is wonderful. Even if I didn't have a regular dentist, I would gone to somebody else. This man is terrible and I hope no one else has to deal with what he put me through. Good to everyone and avoid Jackie Johns!!
The staff and doctor Jackie Johns are amazing. Dr Johns is very experience and knowledgably about his work. the office was clean and everyone was very professional and accommodating towards my needs. Keep up the great work!!